Terapanthi Kothi, Sikharji

In the temple of Terapanthi Kothi, 3 ft. high padmasana white idol of principal deity Bhagwan Chandraprabhu is installed with many other beautiful idols. In the back of main shrine a magnificent idol of Bhagwan Mahaveer in padmasana posture, red in color, is installed

Digamber Jain Terapanthi kothi.

In this Kothi there are five compounds and five Dharamshalas and so many gateways. In the second compound of Dharamshala a huge and magnificent temple ‘Chandraprabhu Jinalaya’ is existing, which was constructed by Lala Sohan Lalji Kolkatawala. Sanctum of this temple is based on four pillars, spacious and artistic, art of sanctum shows the proficiency of artists. In the centre of sanctum, in a high and beautiful alter Bhagwan Chandraprabhu’s magnificent white padmasana idol, about 5 ft in height is installed as principal deity. There is a Sabhamandapa ahead of Sanctum and a compound surrounding the temple. There are three gateways in three directions of the temple to enter. These gateways are similar to Sanchi’s gateways. A beautiful flower garden is developed around the temple.

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