Terapanti Kothi Sikharji

In the temple of Terapanthi Kothi, 3 ft. high padmasana white idol of principal deity Bhagwan Chandraprabhu is installed with many other beautiful idols. In the back of main shrine a magnificent idol of Bhagwan Mahaveer in padmasana posture, red in color, is installed

Digamber Jain Terapanthi kothi.

In this Kothi there are five compounds and five Dharamshalas and so many gateways. In the second compound of Dharamshala a huge and magnificent temple ‘Chandraprabhu Jinalaya’ is existing, which was constructed by Lala Sohan Lalji Kolkatawala. Sanctum of this temple is based on four pillars, spacious and artistic, art of sanctum shows the proficiency of artists. In the centre of sanctum, in a high and beautiful alter Bhagwan Chandraprabhu’s magnificent white padmasana idol, about 5 ft in height is installed as principal deity. There is a Sabhamandapa ahead of Sanctum and a compound surrounding the temple. There are three gateways in three directions of the temple to enter. These gateways are similar to Sanchi’s gateways. A beautiful flower garden is developed around the temple.

Moving ahead of this Jinalaya and coming out from Sultan Singh Dwar (Gate), there comes Katak Mandir. This has four alters with beautiful idols installed in them. Versified moral sentences, hymns and prayers are written everywhere in this temple. In the third compound, a 51 ft high, Manastambha a beautiful creation made of marble is standing on a three – stepped high platform. Under the umbrella on the top of Manastambha four idols 17” in height are installed, each in one direction.

In the same way, on the platform, in four little alters four attractive white idols of Bhagwan Chandraprabhu are installed. In the night, due to light decoration, glamour of this Manastambha gets many folded.

In the center of this kothi area there is a huge and beautiful temple of Bhagwan Chadrapabhu. Inside this temple there is a beautiful and mind blowing idol of Bhagwan Chandraprabhu which is 5ft in height. Gates of this temple on three sides are built similar to sanchi gates.

Katak Mandir:

There are four Tonks in this temple, with beautiful idols installed. The side wall of the temples are painted/drawn with the jain slokas, mantras, and verses.

In front of Chandraprabhu Temple there is a 51 ft tall Manasthambh made up of white marble. This pillar has 4 idols placed at the bottom and top positions each.

Many other jinalayas and chaityalayas are present in this area, among which the most popular are:

Shri Shantinath Jinalaya -attractive idol of Bhagwan Shantinath is installed here along with a small Manastambhas made of brass, idols are carved on these Manastambhas.

Shri Samavsharan Mandir This temple consists of four 10″ high Bhagwan Parshvanath’s idols in Gandha Kuti, which is constructed over a three layer platform.

Shri Neminath Chaityalaya – in this chaityalaya Bhagwan Neminath’s 3 ft high black idol in padmasana posture is installed.

Shri Pushpadanta Jinalaya This is treated as main temple, gates of this temple are made of silver. Here Bhagwan Pushpadanta’s white magnificent idol is installed.

Ajitnath Temple – In this temple a 2 ft high padmasana idol of Bhagwan Ajitnath is installed.

Parshvanath Mandir Chinatmani Parshvanath’s black color idol in padmasana posture, 6ft in height is installed. In the left side Bhagwan Shreyansnath and in right side Bhagwan Chandraprabhu’s idols are installed

52 Jinalayas and Panchameru. In Panchmeru temples there are total 80 idols.

Shantinath Jinalaya – White idol of Bhagwan Shantinath in padmasana posture is installed.

Neminath Jinalaya In this temple Bhagwan Neminath’s beautiful black idol is present.

Chandraprabhu Jinalaya This is a Samavsharana Mandir where 1 ft high idol of Bhagwan Chandraprabhu is installed as principal deity.

Mahaveer Jinalaya – In this temple, a 7 ft high standing idol of Bhagwan Mahaveer is installed, along with 24 idols of 24 Teerthankaras.

Shastrakoot Chaityalaya which is also a piece of magnificent work of art.